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KTM/HUSQVARNA AIR FILTER CAGE CAP Coolant Recovery Tank KTM / Husqvarna High Flow Water pump Impellar KTM / Husky 50 09-18
The New Nihilo Concepts Coolant Recovery tank is a must have for those who ride in slow, technical conditions, or the serious racer The Nihilo Water Pump Impellar is machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and will last the life of your motor. Our special blade design maximizes flow and limits cavetation. The stock Impellar is plastic and has been known to crack and spin on the shaft rendering your coolant system useless. The last thing you need in the middle of a race is an over heating motor from a cheap plastic part breaking. Don't take a chance order your Nihilo Billet High Flow Impellar today.
KTM / HUSQVARNA BILLET ALUMINUM THROTTLE HOUSING 4 STROKE 16-18 KTM/Husky 2018 Frame Grip Tape for Stock Plastic Guards KTM/Husqvarna 85 Front Sprocket Case Saver Cover Guard
The Nihilo Concepts Billet aluminum Four Stroke Throttle assembly or "HOUZIN" as we like to call it was developed with the factory race teams in mind. Factory riders demand the strongest and best engineered parts for their race bikes so Nihilo had to develop one that would not break under extreme race conditions. Few parts on your motorcycle are as important as the throttle assembly and it must be opperating if you want to finish and win the race. Don't take the chance of getting a DNF because of a broken throttle "HOUZIN"!

Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape is a must have for the serious racer. The KTM/Husky 2018 85 SX Front Sprocket Case Saver Cover Guard is intended to protect the front sprocket and the rider from coming in contact with one another.
Reusable Inner Clutch Cover Gasket KTM/Husqvarna 85 Titanium Rear Brake Tip 2016-18 KTM & Husqvarna Stainless Steel Rear Brake Tip 2016-18 KTM & Husqvarna
No more replacing gaskets every time you pull the clutch cover off! Add some Ti style to your life Stainless Steel Rear Brake tip for the 2016 KTM and Husky bikes
Idler Gear Reinforcement KTM/Husqvarna 85 2018 KTM/Husky 85 Crank Stuffers KTM/Husqvarna Oil Filter Cover
While testing the new 2018- 85’s we have seen a possible issue with the Kick Start idler gear bushing boss breaking off when kick starting the bike. Nihilo has designed a new device that holds the gear in place while at the same time tightly reinforcing the boss in the center case so it can not break off. It’s easy to install and only requires removal of the outside clutch cover and clutch assembly. Once you have the clutch out of the bike you simply replace the thin metal star shaped idler gear retainer with the Nihilo part and reassemble. This small part can save you from destroying your center cases and losing the race. This part is a must have for your 2018 KTM or Husky get one today!
Finally the perfect fix for all KTM/Husky 85 owners that have burnt out their crank and are looking for a less expensive way to get back on the track while at the same time improving performance. The new cap is lighter than the old cap and still maintains its strength and good looks.
KTM/Husqvarna 85 Heavy Duty Clutch Pressure Plate Powervalve Adjustment Tool Radiator Hoses 2018 KTM/Husqvarna 85
Made from aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminum to the most exacting standards and assuring that the contact area of the new pressure plate is perfectly concentric Nihilo Concepts had designed a billet aluminum power valve tool with a wide handle that makes is easier to turn and it fits perfectly into the square pocket on the right side of the motor. Nihilo Concepts radiator hoses will provide your dirt bike engine with an advantage in performance and style
Seat Cover KTM/Husqvarna 85 2018 Ignition Cover Gasket 2018 KTM/Husky 85 Timing/Deck Tool KTM/Husky 125/150 Stainless Steel
Look just like the top championship winning mini and pro riders with Nihilo's new ribbed and reinforced seat covers. The Nihilo Concepts reusable ignition cover gasket is made with a heavy duty aluminum core and a compound rubber coating for guaranteed durability after repeated use. You must have this tool to properly set the deck height and power valve on your KTM if your head is not set up per factory specification you run the risk of stator failure and will have an improperly tuned motor.
2018 KTM/Husqvarna 85 Powervalve Cover High Volume Water Pump Kit 2018 KTM/Husky 85 Ignition Cover 2018 KTM/Husqvarna 85
The Nihilo Concepts 2018 KTM/Husky 85 Powervalve Cover is made from 6061 billet aluminum The new Nihilo “Efficient Flow Water Pump Kit” for the 2018 KTM/Husqvarna 85 is the answer to cooling issues on the 2018. The Nihilo Concepts Billet Ignition Cover 2018 KTM/Husqvarna 85 is made from 6061 Billet aluminum for strength and long life.
2018 KTM/Husqvarna 85 Billet Clutch Cover 2018 KTM/Husqvarna 85 Case Saver KTM 50/65 Handlebar Mount Risers
The Nihilo Concepts 85 Billet Clutch Side Cover creates a tight seal against the engine cases and is thinner than the stock component leaving room for your boot The 85 SX & TC have a very vulnerable clutch master cylinder that can be destroyed if the chain breaks leaving you high and dry. Raise your handlebars on your KTM or Husky 50 by 5-10mm
KTM 2018 85/105 Frame Grip Tape Frame Grip Tape KTM 65 Reusable Inner Clutch Cover Gasket KTM/Husqvarna 50
Nihilo Concepts Factory Frame Grip Tape is a must have for the serious racer. Nihilo Concepts Frame Grip Tape is a must have for the serious racer No more replacing gaskets every time you pull the clutch cover off!
Reusable Inner Clutch Cover Gasket KTM/Husqvarna 65 KTM/Husqvarna 14MM Ny-Lock Nut 2013-2019 Stainless Steel Clutch Bolt Kit KTM 50
No more replacing gaskets every time you pull the clutch cover off! Nihilo Concepts self locking Ny-Lock Axle Nut, made from 6061 anodized billet aluminum, ensures that your axle nut will not vibrate loose under extreme conditions. The new Nihilo Concepts Clutch Bolt Kit replaces the stock bolts that have been known to strip out during removal.