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Coolant Recovery Tank KTM / Husqvarna High Flow Water pump Impellar KTM / Husky 50 09-18 KTM 50/65 Handlebar Mount Risers
The New Nihilo Concepts Coolant Recovery tank is a must have for those who ride in slow, technical conditions, or the serious racer The Nihilo Water Pump Impellar is machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and will last the life of your motor. Our special blade design maximizes flow and limits cavetation. The stock Impellar is plastic and has been known to crack and spin on the shaft rendering your coolant system useless. The last thing you need in the middle of a race is an over heating motor from a cheap plastic part breaking. Don't take a chance order your Nihilo Billet High Flow Impellar today. Raise your handlebars on your KTM or Husky 50 by 5-10mm
Reusable Inner Clutch Cover Gasket KTM/Husqvarna 50 KTM/Husqvarna 14MM Ny-Lock Nut 2013-2019 Stainless Steel Clutch Bolt Kit KTM 50
No more replacing gaskets every time you pull the clutch cover off! Nihilo Concepts self locking Ny-Lock Axle Nut, made from 6061 anodized billet aluminum, ensures that your axle nut will not vibrate loose under extreme conditions. The new Nihilo Concepts Clutch Bolt Kit replaces the stock bolts that have been known to strip out during removal.
Rear Sprocket KTM/Husqvarna 50 2014-2017 Ignition Cover KTM/Husqvarna 50 KTM/Husqvarna 50 Case Saver Cover Guard
The first 2014-2017 KTM & Husqvarna 50 Rear Sprocket available in Orange and Blue! The Nihilo Concepts Billet Ignition Cover for the KTM 50 SX/Jr. fits tightly against the cases and does not allow water and dust to get to the stator and flywheel The KTM/Husqvarna 50 Case Saver Cover Guard is intended to protect the front sprocket and the rider from coming in contact with one another.
Billet Clutch Cover KTM/Husqvarna 50 KTM 50 SX Beveled Clutch Washer KTM 50 Short Throw Front Brake Lever
With the new Nihilo KTM/Husky Clutch cover you will be able to turn the clickers through a small port in the side of the cover. Nihilo has designed a thicker and stronger spring washer made from high quality steel that will not sack out when exposed to heat. Nihilo Concepts has designed a replacement lever that is about 5/8” closer to the grip and it can even be adjusted closer if needed.
2016-17 KTM 50 Tall Seat Foam KTM/Husky/Cobra Billet Aluminum Gas Cap GoPro Remote Handlebar Mount
Nihilo Concepts Tall foam for the 2016 KTM 50 is a full 1" taller than stock. Factory look, improve function and ultra lightweight design
The Nihilo Concepts GoPro Remote mount puts the GoPro remote right at your fingertips next to the left grip.
Clutch Line Heat Shield Full Billet Titanium One Piece Foot Pegs KTM/Husqvarna Nihilo Seat Cover KTM 50 2016-18
Protect your hydraulic clutch line with Nihilo Concepts new Clutch Line Heat Shield. Made from top grade 6AL4V Titanium one of the strongest grades of Ti, these pegs are awesome! Look just like the top championship winning mini and pro riders with Nihilo's new ribbed and reinforced seat covers.
Oil Fill Plug KTM/Husqvarna Nihilo Concepts/FMF Exhaust Combo KTM 50 Big Bore 60 Rim Lock Nut Kit
Rim Lock Nut Kit
Our Price: $24.95
The new cap is nearly 4 grams lighter than the old cap and still maintains its strength and good looks. After extensive testing Nihilo and FMF have teamed up to produce a KTM 50SX exhaust system that has been matched to our 60cc big bore pistons New Nihilo Concepts Rim Lock Nuts will protect your rim lock threads and provide a tight fit to the rim
KTM/Husqvarna 50 Heavy Duty Kickstarter Return Spring 09-18 Deck/Timing Tool KTM 50 Stainless Steel Deck/Timing Tool 60 KTM 50 Stainless Steel
Replace your faulty, broken stock return spring with Nihilo Concepts Heavy Duty Kicker Return Spring. You must have this tool to properly set the deck height, timing and power valve on your KTM if your head is not set up per factory specification you run the risk of stator failure and will have an improperly tuned motor. Nihilo has developed a Stainless Steel Deck Tool that is a fraction of the cost of the OEM special tool.
Factory Aluminum Fork Guard Bolts Husky Blue KTM 50 Chain Guide Reinforcement Wedge Bracket KTM 50 SX Dellorto PHBG Jet Assortment
Made from 7075 T6 billet aluminum they are much lighter than stock bolts and will give you bike that factory touch. The Nihilo Concepts 2016 KTM 50 SX Chain Guide Reinforcement Wedge Bracket is made to protect your stock chain guide from damage and bending. Nihilo Concepts offers assorted jets in all the hard to find sizes. All our jets are OEM and top quality.
KTM 50 SX MINI Dellorto PHBG Jet Assortment Factory Aluminum Fork Guard Bolts Orange Nihilo Concepts Multi Tool 50/65
Nihilo Concepts offers assorted jets in all the hard to find sizes. All our jets are OEM and top quality. Made from 7075 T6 billet aluminum they are much lighter than stock bolts and will give you bike that factory touch. Nihilo Concepts has developed a must have tool that will not only help you to change the spark plug but also includes some additional features that will come in handy when setting up your bike.